Conscious Enterprise is Innovative Activism

Independent Business Consulting & Business Opportunities in Los Angeles, CA

Are you stuck in a 9-5 and hating it? Do you know you have gifts to offer the world but are unsure how to deliver them? Is there “never enough time” to do everything you have to do?

There are millions of people with brilliant ideas but a lack of support in how to approach pursuing them. There are millions more who are spinning their wheels every day, searching for something to bring meaning to their life. Whether you are hoping to finally actualize your own endeavor or searching for a way to make a decent income that resonates with your values, the tools and tricks you will receive from Roxanne include~

  • Time Magic. Learn time blocking methods to effectively get everything done and have plenty of space to devote hours to yourself and your loved ones.
  • Business Planning. Set goals, create a business plan and scale your independent business.
  • Business Building. Stay on top of your business’ needs as it grows.
  • Business Opportunity. Team up with Roxy to become and Agent of Change in her Green Foods revolution and Get Paid to Be Healthy!