Roxanne Ruby is a</br> Rebel with a Cause.

World traveler and self-proclaimed eternal student, Roxy, graduated from high school two years early to pursue an alternative path. The "path of her heart" is how she describes the journey of her life. She moved from Montana to Hawaii and became a licensed massage therapist and certified yoga teacher by the time she was 17 years old and has long since expanded her repertoire of mind, body and soul wellness. The daughter of two yogis and granddaughter of a Buddhist Lama, Roxanne had early introduction to the ancient practices of yoga and mindfulness. She is deeply devoted to service and passionate about educating and inspiring people to embrace conscious empowerment.

At 19 she founded her production and media company and soon was lead to Los Angeles, CA where she has gone on to produce hundreds of events, collaborate in stage shows at major festivals and create virtual content for her LA-based pop culture scene. She is an inspired entrepreneur and believes conscious business is a necessity for humanities sustainable growth.

Endowed with an innate connection to energy and sensuality, Roxanne believes that physical health and spiritual health are united and uses one to cultivate the other. Once in LA, she dove deeply into the study of Tantra Yoga with the late Psalm Isadora and realized the need to bring this ancient sacred art form to the masses. Pairing the breathe, body and mind practices of tantra with her passion for organic nutrition, Roxy has developed the ultimate life hack.

Roxanne is a lover of life and has been outraged by the madness of modern man. In her travels, along with some of the Earths most incredible beauty, she has seen violence, pollution and the ignorance of people causing great harm to each other and our planet. It has become her mission to turn her rage into a reason to live a life based on love, compassion and the healing of humanity. She knows this mission cannot be done alone and is growing a global village of leaders who want to heal themselves and the planet.

If you feel like you are someone who is ready to #breakthematrix and become a #rebelwithacause